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3D Visualization

We help companies create high-quality visual marketing with our 3D visualizations.
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3D Animation

Unique motion design / 3D animations that bring your product or project to life.
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3D Modeling

Modeling of your product so photorealistically, without difference to the real existing product.
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As a partner, we think about putting your product or project perfectly in scene and in the right light.
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For brands we create added value, with our high quality 3D visualizations

Our 3D visualization service provides added value for brands (furniture, home & living - interior design) by delivering high-quality, impactful visuals that bring their products and designs to life. Whether it's for marketing purposes or to present to clients, our photorealistic 3D Visualization (CGI), 3D animations, 3d model, virtual reality & augmented reality are the perfect way to showcase the unique features and benefits of your brand.
Our team of 3D experts, Designer and Creatives, works closely with you to ensure that your brand's vision is accurately represented, giving you the confidence to take your marketing and presentations to the next level. With our exceptional quality and attention to detail, we guarantee that our 3D visualization (computer generated imagery) will leave a lasting impression on your audience in real life.
Client Feedback

“With Danthree we found the company that created these first-class CGIs”

interlübke is a leading brand manufacturer of consistently minimalist furniture. Their outstanding design, workmanship and material quality must be reflected in first-class images as part of our CI. With Danthree we found the company that created these first-class CGIs for us and at the same time convinced us with its very good price-performance ratio as well as its reliability and openness to new challenges. Here's to a continued good cooperation. - Kerstin Fricke - Senior Product Manager at interlübke

“Super competent team and an exact implementation of your own planning”

At Danthree you find a super competent team and an exact implementation of your own planning. The professional process at eye level, as well as the perfect end result in impressive resolution and sharpness of detail have absolutely convinced us. - Stefan Dönecke - Head of interior at hülsta individual GmbH

Let's start building your brand's unique visual story together with 3D.

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High end 3D Visualization

Revolutionizing Visual Marketing: How GOOD High-End 3D Visualization is Changing the Game

As businesses look for new ways to stand out in today's competitive market, high-end 3D visualization has emerged as a game-changing tool for visual marketing. At our studio, we specialize in creating stunning 3D visualizations, for a variety of industries, including interior design, furniture, home decor, and more. Here's why we believe high-end 3D visualization is essential for visual marketing success.

Creating Immersive Experiences with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
One of the key advantages of high-end 3D visualization is the ability to create immersive experiences for customers. Using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), our team can bring products and environments to life in a way that was previously impossible. Whether it's allowing customers to "walk through" a virtual home or place digital furniture in their living room with AR, these technologies help customers visualize products in a way that is engaging and interactive.

Transforming the Way We Market Interior Design and Home Living Products
In the world of interior design and home living products, high-end 3D visualization has transformed the way we market these products. With the ability to create detailed digital representations of products and environments, customers can now visualize a space before it is built, making the design process more efficient and effective. Whether it's showcasing a new furniture line or creating a virtual tour of a home, high-end 3D visualization is essential for the success of these industries.
Pushing the Boundaries of Visual Effects and Computer-Aided Design
At our studio, we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of visual effects and computer-aided design. With the power of high-end 3D visualization & 3D Modeling, we can create stunning digital representations from your products that were previously impossible. From creating realistic textures and lighting effects to pushing the limits of what is possible with VR and AR, our team is committed to staying at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry.

Delivering Customized Visual Marketing Solutions for a Range of Industries
We understand that each industry has unique needs when it comes to visual marketing. That's why we specialize in creating customized visual marketing solutions for a range of industries, from automotive and product design to interior design and home living. Whether it's creating digital representations of a new product line or showcasing a new home design, our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality 3D visualizations for our clients.

Using Rendering Software and Computer-Generated Imagery to Bring Designs to Life
Creating high-quality 3D visualizations requires the use of specialized rendering software and computer-generated imagery (CGI) techniques. Our team has experience working with a range of software programs, including CAD software and rendering software (3dsmax, Cinema 4D), to create detailed and realistic representations of products and environments. This technology allows us to create digital representations of furniture, home decor, and more that can be used in visual marketing materials such as product catalogs and online stores.
frequently asked questions


What is 3D visualization?

3D visualization is the process of creating 3D graphics and rendering designs using 3D software. Many industries benefit from 3D visualization ranging from architecture, film, and games, to engineering and manufacturing. A large amount of detail is incorporated to ensure a quality render.

What does your 3D agency specialize in?

We specialize in providing high quality, realistic 3D visualization services specifically for the furniture, home & living industry. Our 3D services can help clients to preview and modify designs, improve marketing strategies, and visualize their concepts in a realistic, tangible way.

Why is 3D visualization important for the furniture, home & living industry?

3D visualization allows for the creation of realistic renderings of furniture pieces and interior designs before they are physically manufactured or implemented. This helps designers and manufacturers to identify and correct any design flaws early on. It also aids in marketing and selling the product by providing potential customers with a realistic view of the product.

How does the process of 3D visualization work?

First, we discuss the project with the customer to understand their needs and expectations. Next, we create 3D models based on the given specifications using modern software. Once the models are ready, we add textures, lighting and other details to create a realistic visualization. The 3D visualization is based on the mood boards and requirements of each brand. The final renderings are then submitted to the client for approval and revisions as necessary.

What software do you use for 3D visualization?

We use a variety of professional grade 3D software such as 3Ds Max, Blender, and Cinema 4D, among others. The choice of software depends on the specific requirements of each project.

Can I see how my product looks in different settings?

Absolutely. We can create a variety of environments to showcase your products. This includes different interior design settings, lighting conditions, and even different times of the day.

How long does it take to create a 3D visualization?

The timeline for a 3D visualization project can vary depending on the complexity and size of the project. Simple 3D projects may only take a few days, while more complex projects could take several weeks. We strive to deliver all projects on time while maintaining a high level of quality.

How can I use 3D visualization to boost my marketing efforts?

3D visualization can greatly enhance your marketing efforts by providing high-quality, realistic 3D images for use in promotional materials. It allows potential customers to see your product in a realistic setting, which can help increase sales and customer engagement.

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