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frequently asked questions


What can I find on your 3D 'Work' page?

Our 'Work' page is a showcase of a selection of our recent 3D projects. It features 3D visualizations we've created for various areas such as bathrooms, furniture, kitchens, offices, living spaces, online shop brands, and also 3D product animations/videos.

Can I see examples of your work for a specific type of product or space?

Yes, our 'Work' page displays a wide range of projects covering different products and spaces. You can view our work on various furniture designs, interior settings like bathrooms and kitchens, office spaces, and more. But we have also realized more 3D projects than shown in our work page. If you need more reference projects from us, just write us via email.

What kinds of 3D animations and 3D videos can I expect to see?

Our 3D animations and videos typically include product demonstrations, product feature highlights, and virtual walkthroughs of interior designs and products. These provide a dynamic, immersive experience of the product or space. We want to create videos / movies in 3D that show the customer all the features and design of the product in an aesthetically pleasing way visually in motion, captivating the viewer. In doing so, we want to create short but unique product videos.

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